TEMMASHIKI designs and produces baking molds and packaging solutions
suitable for many different uses. Our unique
innovative cups will help you discover new baking ideas.

Custom Order Product

Product Development Process



Based on the request, a plan will be proposed on schedule and cost including base material development, machine usage and necessity of producing container molds.

Sample production

Samples will be produced, based on the proposed plan. We will continue to improve the sample until it reaches the customer’s saisfaction.

Usage test

Trial tests will be requested under the same conditions as the products will be actually used. Performance should be checked through each process of manufacturing, packaging, distribution and sales.

Finalized specification

Final specification will be confirmed including materials, form, size, color proof for design, and cost before starting production.


A production plan will be determined that meets a customer’s desirable delivery time and our production capabilities. The products will be delivered to customers in the specified packaging form.
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