Glassine Parchment

TEMMAʼ s swell case cups are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.
Cups can be made in the size and shape you require with your choice of material.
Please feel free to contact our sales representatives for more details.
Some materials can also be printed with personalized details such as your shop name.
Easy 3 Steps to order swell case cup**This cup is made to order only

Select the paperPlease inquire about other materials or different thicknesses for these materials.
We can also print any design you like, please feel free to ask us.

Suitable for
Glassine paper
This cup is made with
thin paper
Baking breads and muffins,
or holding cakes
with light grease
Heat Resistance
Siliconized paper
This cup is made with
siliconized paper which
is easy to peel off
Baking steamed buns
and muffins
Heat Resistance Greaseproof Nonstick
Colored glassine paper
This cup is made with
colored and siliconized
glassine paper
Chocolate cups
Greaseproof Nonstick
Greaseproof paper
(Parchment etc)
耐油系カップ (パーチメント・耐油紙等)
This cup is greaseproof
Baking tart,
holding cakes
with heavy grease
Heat Resistance Greaseproof
PET laminated paper
Inside of this cup is
laminated with PET film.
** No need for metal mold
Baking cupcakes, breads,
and other small dishes
Heat Resistance Greaseproof Waterproof
Made to order★Made to order★Made to order
・Ready stock items available
Download the list of ready stock PTC cups PET cup

Select the size and the shapeCatalog Download
Catalog Download

Send your request to our sales

Please contact us and tell us which material, shape, size you would like for your cup.
We will give you the quotation to meet your request.
*Please note that some sizes and shapes cannot be made with some material
**We can also print any design you like. Please feel free to ask us.