Additional description for specifications

Shows information such as product names, materials and
functions that will help you choose a suitable product.
MaterialThis shows the main materials used in the product.
FunctionThis shows the main features and characteristics of the product.
CapacityThis shows the amount of water the product holds when it is filled.
(Units = cc/fl .oz)
WeightThe weight of one item. (Units = g/oz)
There may be a slight variation depending on the lot.
EntriesThis shows the breakdown of the number of cases and packaging.
This shows the external dimensions of the product.
(Units = mm/inch)
Measurements for cups are base diameter x height,
trays are width x length x height.
The icons beside the product specifications show heat-resistant properties.
Select products which suit the way you want to use them.
This container can be
filled with batter and
then used in an oven
for cooking.
This container can be
used in a microwave
when heating the
Do not use this
container in ovens or
Do not use this
container in
From production to disposal
  • Cups and trays for cooking baked sweets make baking moulds unnecessary which leads to reduced energy
    and improved efficiency.
  • After baking, they can be used for wrapping, protecting the baked products and keeping them attractive.
  • Most of our products use paper as their main raw material, meaning they can be used in metal detectors to ensure they are completely free from any metal particles from the production process and they are also easy to dispose of.
Precautions to take when using our products
  • Please do not use the products herein at temperatures over 200℃(392゜F), or bake them without any batter inside.
  • Do not leave them near open flames.
  • Water and moisture may cause the shape to change.
  • Oil may cause stains or discoloration.
  • Please store in a dry and well ventilated place.
  • The functions and uses for each product do not imply that they can be used for any and all purposes under any
    and all conditions. Some of the products are not suited to some uses, so please check the product before using it.
About the products on this website
  • Some of the products are manufactured by China Wuxi TEMMA SHIKI and Chinese manufacturers.
    Please rest assured that these products are manufactured under the same quality standards as our Japanese factories.